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2 years ago

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I remember the first time I had someone licking pussy or had a nice hot wet mouth sliding his cock he thought he'd died and gone to heaven is also a story of my encounter orally in the first place. The place where I worked, ate with a friendly girl named Val, Val now has this great big tits round number that tubevector people loved. Now, I am not worthy of girls no gym or tubevector running to me, but I love swimming and Val sometimes accompanied me, and then swim in the showers after our course, I saw tubevector her naked, and I would be, how big their breasts tubevector were comments like mine were quite small. She laughed while soaping her husband Ray said she loved and loved a good fuck. Val was a few years older than me and although I had a pair of lovers was a prelude rather mundane crap soon after, you have to be honest, sometimes I left a little short changed. I met Ray a few times when we gathered in the pool, and he was fine, but he had a sexual charm of it, and I imagine that there was acTIV sex life. All night we went to work and Val said, why don ` t you stay, save on the cost of a taxi. We had a great night and lots of alcohol at the time we arrived home very drunk Val. We fell through the door, of course, thought it was funny and took Ray TV drinking from a bottle of beer. Val gave him tubevector a big wet, and a very passionate kiss and I thought it was good in tubevector one night. Ray went and poured himself another cup as Val put some music and started dancing around the room and saw Ray sat drinking his beer. How we laughed and moved around music Val put her arms around me and will soon be rubbing their hands together ran my hips, she moved to her as she ground against my crotch. His tongue came out and she gently licked my lips, my mouth opened and soon were locked in a very passionate kiss. I moved Ray sits very still observed flusterd, Val began to weigh the music that started to turn RaySoon she began to undress shake their breasts. tubevector Ray saw me once in a while looking around to see my reaction, he took the tubevector beer bottle in pussy Waltz rub up and down her slit. It was turning into my face and hands began to stroke the first called her tits and squeezed her stomach and then ran her hands until her fingers rubbing her pussy. Val was complaining aloud to your eyes closed just amazing, as he fingers. I was by what I saw tubevector mesmarised and so on. Val came to me and started to undress I felt I could no longer be halted before he was naked, spread my legs for the first time I felt a tongue licking my pussy orgasms in about 10 seconds flat and multimum came through my body Coarse . Val came to the mouth and chin bright air with my juice. Ray, who had taken Val kissed long and deep and then took an arm each and took me to the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. The room was in darknesESS and so there I felt hands exploring my body, my legs went so far as they would lick my pussy lick the two languages ​​. This was the sexual heaven Ray felt between my legs and pushed his cock to me, and tubevector I began to walk slowely like me, I was coming, he pulled me down from the top and then pushed him Leting other time, until he thought, ready to enter, and quickened his pace and with a cry could feel tubevector his cum shooting into my pussy. Val bother me again with her tongue and fingers with her tongue Ray 's cock and what a night, until he finally fell asleep fucked. In the morning out of bed they were still sleeping and went to the bathroom to wash her ​​pussy was so tender my thighs dried semen and pussy juice covered. A throbbing, I cleaned as best I could, but every time I thought about what had happened began my pussy. I returned to the room to try to find my clothes to go home and was kneeling in front of Val Ray sucking cock. I sat
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